History of Border Transportation Council

Founded in 1993, the Border Transportation Council, formerly the Association of Concerned San Ysidro Businesses, formed an organization of business owners who provide goods and services just north of the Tijuana/San Diego International Border. It was their original intention to address the issue of "Wildcatting" with the goal of obtaining aggressive law enforcement to manage the nuisance. Members of the organization worked for this purpose, yet soon recognized that more needed to be done. It became apparent that addressing the matter to our decision makers, our elected officials, as well as include the citizens of San Ysidro in the process was imperative. This coalition was vital to addressing not only the challenges of fair competition, but matters of safety and beautification of the Port of Entry.

Mission Statement

Promoting the use of Legitimate Transportation Carriers, Eliminating Wildcatters, Encouraging Fair Competition, Advocating Member’s Interest & Supporting the Activities of the Community & Law Enforcement Agencies.