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SDPD Renovation Project

On Friday, February 29, 2012 the community came together to participate in an Appreciation Luncheon held at the San Diego Police Department-Southern Division. The Captain Miguel Rosario and Lieutenants' Joseph Bane, Officer Alberto Leos, and Officer Natalie Stone expressed their gratitude for their new Kitchen/Break Room.

In the summer of 2011, Captain Rosario reached out to the Border Transportation Council for help. It didn't take much convincing for the council to commit to supporting our local law enforcement agency. After a nine-month work-in-progress the Council raised more than 40K in services and funds to renovate the Kitchen and Break Room.

Local governments have been hit with several budget cuts particularly in public safety and ultimately funding for building maintenance. The San Diego Police Department-Southern Division had a backlog of deferred maintenance and lacked many of the modern tools and resources to maintain the facility.

Needs varied from replacement of cracked toilet seats to paint and flooring. The Border Transportation Council commitment to making these improvements not only directly impacted the moral of our public servants but to the betterment of our community as well.

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